Most of our sponsorship is dedicated to MTB riders and cyclists, we see a lot of the Romandie Enduro riders both in our coaching practice and therapy services:

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    Max Chapuis is the first athlete who trusted Myriam both as his trainer and physical coach in 2015. The seasons revealed Max enormous potential in Enduro. Since 2019, Max is a full time pro rider supported by Specialized Bicycles. 2019 was also his best career result in the Enduro World Series which he finished in rank 17. Let’s see where he can go in the coming years. Chloé of course is there when it comes to provide an urgent treatment after a crash


  • Sidonie Jolidon has joined the stucture since the end of 2019 to prepare the 2020 season as she decided to compete at a world level after dominating the Swiss enduro 2019 season. Unfortunately the 2020 season did not happen but Sidonie is a highly motivated and positive person who always looks at the bright side of life. We are looking forward to seeing the results of her commitment to progress in the new season.


  • Florent Baillif is a highly motivated rider who has joined our structure for the first time in 2018. His talent and devotion to train hard should definetely lead him to grow as a very performing enduro rider in the coming years both in the National and EWS series.



  • Mehdi Lorenz is an experienced and talented enduro rider who also likes to spend hours on his road bike like in 2020 when he did a Tour de Suisse. At the end of 2020, he decided to see where a more stuctured training could lead him in Enduro World Serie.  No doubt about it, we should see him sparkling as soon as he will be used to the EWS format rather than EWS100.


  • Ysaline Van Kampen is the last rider who has joined our family. Coming from skiing she for sure knows what riding fast and be in the air means. Dedicated in her training she is a development athlete as a MTB competitor. We are looking forward to seeing her progressing. As a mentor she can aslo count on Sidonie that you have met above.


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