MTB guiding and MTB skills training

Myriam is a former Pro MTB rider. She competed between the years 2005 and 2012 in international competitions. Now she usually picks up epic enduro stage races such as Transprovence or Transnomad. She  started instructing and guiding  as a prorider. She is a certified Advanced   Swiss Cycling Mountain bike guide .  She has also been working as the official Swiss MTB guide for RIDE BIG since the summer 2016. As of today she has guided over 20 weekly trips for them. In 2021, she decided to create a dedicated structure to her activities as a MTB guide and instructor. Check what is happening on the side of GUIDEDBYWOMEN.BIKE

The idea behind this new structure is also to promote women as MTB guides and instructors. Do we do only  women only? Of course not we are not sexist so don’t hesitate to contact her for your specific demands. We guarantee a high quality service.

On the technical skills training side, she has realised that her customers were improving their technique much faster when they picked up the personal skills training formula. Like this she can really work very specifically on their needs. That’s the reason why since 2018 she has added the option of 1/2 or full day skills training in her offer. Again don’t hesitate to contact her  to learn more about this option.

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