Training and physical preparation

At SaugyPerformance we place the personalisation and quality of care on top of everything. The performance comes when the training sits on solid bases such as a good mix of hard workouts and rest times and a strong core stability

Physical Preparation

Each sport, each discipline requires specific athletic qualities. Each athlete starts with a certain physical capital. The role of the physical preparator is to assess the needs of an athlete to perform in his/her discipline at the best level. Myriam does physical preparation for both individual athletes and teams. , please fill in the contact form or call Myriam on +41 79 542 7178 to talk about it.

Small group training

At Saugyperformance, we offer 1hr group training outdoor sessions at lunch time for people who love being outdoors but working mainly indoors. More info upon your call. We are looking forward to having you with us. Leitmotiv: always change the routine, train with fun but still hard.

Training planning

Training planning management is very important when you target racing objectives. It is often hard to know when and how to train especially when work and family come in the middle of sport achievements. Myriam as a former elite MTBer as well as a business manager in big corporation will tailor your training plan in regards of both your objectives and work-sport-life balance management. She uses the trainingpeaks platform to push your plan and make sure to get weekly feedbacks from her athletes before she carries on with the coming up plan.

Personal training

Personal says it all. The training sessions are customed in regards to your needs, envies and personal objectives. Myriam likes to build up a strong base first but then take the challenge to continously set up new training routines. She can also train you outdoors.

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