Why use us?

Training, physical preparation and sport therapy with Saugy Performance means:

  • A very professional care in a familial and home feeling clinic
  • A fully personnalised approach and the wish to share with you the mechanisms and incentives that lay behind our trainings and therapies.
  • A high experience of professional sports, as former pro athletes ourselves and as professional who look after pro athletes.
  • A modern and welcoming practice who is equipped with the latest functional training equipment.
  • The support of a complete therapeutic sport performance network treating all aspects of the body and mind


Tolossa Chengere, professional runner

I have been running as a pro for almost 20 years. I have taken part to competitions in many different countries and I have consulted quite a few different therapists in my carreer but I have never had such a good treatment as the ones provided by Chloé. With her…

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Cristobal Huet, goalie Lausanne Hockey Club

I worked during 2 years with Chloé at the Lausanne Hockey Club. Her deep knowledege in physiotherapy and her professionalism have allowed me to play at my best level. I have kept a very good souvenir from our collaboration and a great friendship!!! You will be in good hands. Cristobal…

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At the same time pro and very cool

Kilian, 21, ski freerider: I was treated in emergency by Chloé during my last ski season. Now I wouldn’t see anyone else when I am in pain. She does a very good job and happens to be at the same time very cool while remaining very professionnal. She always takes…

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