MTB and bicycle equipment  

 e bike/ Workshop / Testbikes 2020 

Sport and cycling wear since  2016 

Myriam and Chloé have been working with ION bike equipment since 2016.

MTB parts and gear  

Myriam’s MTBikes have been equipped with YEP components seatposts (made in Switzerland) since 2016. Reliable, fast servicing and a large choice of colors to match your ride colors…what else?

Myriam was sponsored by Julbo eyewear as an athlete back in the years 2010 to 12. She is now back with Julbo as a MTB guide and instructor. Both Myriam and Chloé have been trusted Julbo for the multiple outdoor activities they practice for some years before that.

To have a MTB bike that is 100% trusful you need to have a partner that provides a personnal service to your shocks. Myriam is trusting PMB suspension.

Our All Mountain Style Spanish friends have been providing us frame and fork protectors since 2016. With nice designs as true MTB pimpers we just love to personnalize our rides and at the same time protect them. Check their online website.

Myriam has kept only 1 bicycle with a road bike look. It is her gravel OPEN UP. For all of you who like to fully customize your rides check their work.

Our others direct providers:

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